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Angel Policy

A Jillian Vance Design Angel Policy
All illustrations and artwork in the A Jillian Vance Design {AJVD}  product line are considered original artwork and are copyrighted to Jillian Vance of A Jillian Vance Design.
A Jillian Vance Design allows you to sell your hand-created/hand-stamped works using AJVD products.
Please read the following conditions regarding the sale of hand-crafted/hand-stamped work:
  • Each item/project must be hand-crafted/hand-stamped by the seller, NOT mass produced or assembled by hired workers in an assembly line fashion and may NOT be mechanically reproduced or copied
  • The selling artist is responsible for the quality of work he/she produces. Therefore, A Jillian Vance Design assumes no responsibility for disputes that may arise from the seller's work nor do we endorse or guarantee quality of work of the creater.

Absolutely NO creations using our retired Ohio themed items may be sold or even posted online in any form, on any social media platform.

  • Die cuts or stamped images may NOT be sold as stand alone products, nor can they be sold to add to another crafters work or project.  This includes Tags or Mini Bags/Goody Bags cannot be mass cut and sold in groupings or for individual use.  
  • Stamps or Dies may not be rented out for a fee or part of a rental group on social media or a rental business.
  •  A Jillian Vance Design prohibits our products to be used for promotional purposes by individuals, companies or brands.
Any item/project CANNOT be sold online such as Etsy, Facebook,  Facebook Groups, Artfire, blogs or Ebay.  They must be sold IN PERSON at local craft shows, seasonal events, community fundraisers and local festivals.
 You may create handmade cards using these designs from our card classes for personal use,
however any cards made using card class designs, CANNOT be sold they are ©ajillianvancedesign
A Jillian Vance Design Resale Policy 
A Jillian Vance Design Stamps, in whole sets or partial sets,  Dies in sets or separately are not allowed to be sold ANY WHERE online in new or  used condition.  This includes no selling in Facebook Groups.  You may sell them in person to craft friends or garage sales.  If you are finished with a set we encourage you to pay it forward to a crafty friend or donate to any organization who makes cards for our military, nursing homes, churches and shut ins.
A Jillian Vance Design images MAY NOT be copied in way, shape or form - including, but not limited to: graphic, electronic, mechanical and/or photocopying. You have NOT purchased the copyrights to any images/artwork. AJVD hand-stamped images or Stamp sets and dies (black/white or color line versions) are not to be sold/re-sold, distributed or swapped.  This includes renting stamp or die sets. Scanning of the original image for use on websites which might allow others to download/steal the artwork is prohibited.
A Jillian Vance Design you may sell up to 200  hand stamped items total, not just of one design.  If possible, please credit "A Jillian Vance Design" somewhere on each creation.
Artwork MAY NOT be used for logos and/or company trademarks. Using A Jillian Vance Design images for promotional material, blog designs, web design or any other internet-related businesses is strictly prohibited.  
Individual die cuts from our dies may not be sold or packaged together and sold, they must be on a project.