Wanderlust INKboss Inkpression Plate

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Wanderlust INKboss Inkpression Plate measures 4.25 x 5.5  Bray or dab on ink colors to create a wonderful background that gives a letterpress effect.  Use the same die cutting machine sandwich as our regular dies!  Or just emboss and color or add ink to the embossed piece!

Thickness: 0.012

Material: Stainless Steel

These plates work more like a letter press only with more versatility as you can add various color and gradients with your daubers right on the Metal FX piece as your inking it. The great feature about this concept is that inking can now become an art for stampers and even for the beginner by simply applying one color to the Metal FX Plate.  Use as many as 10 different colors of ink and made beautiful backgrounds that you can’t really do with a rubber or polymer stamp. Most inks in the industry are water based which washes right off with only water and ready for a next application instantly. Because the plates are thinner than the regular dies, we are able to get more detail such as a polymer stamp and maybe even more depending on the design. Of course inking isn’t the only feature, you can also Emboss, Pencil Rubbing, and even simply using it as a standalone piece of artwork. I have even embossed the Metal FX piece to a white piece of paper with no ink and just started coloring the image following the impression after running it through the machine.